• Monday, 14 October 2019
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A Biography of Siddhartha Gautama

A choir concert by Ekayana Buddhist Residence Choir
Conductor: Daniel Reza Adriansyah

Pianist: Dionisius Clyde, Ananda Thesvara & Marvella
Violinist: Madeleine Tjhie

Choir arrangement by: Marthin Tupanno, Alexander Moseler, Dionisius Clyde & Adriano Alvin

Featuring WES Choir and Ekayana Youth Dancer
623 BC, Siddhartha was born a prince under the reign of Gautama. Just until one day, Young Siddhartha found out a never ending suffering life it is.

His son was born, yet restlessness still lingered on. Decision was taken, leaving his family for a mission, an antidote of a-never-ending-suffering.
Six years of suffering; Siddhartha experienced painful practice in Uruvela Forest. No wisdom, no answer was obtained, though.

Realizing no gain in the pain, Siddhartha discovered the Middle Way. Enlightenment is achieved, Siddhartha is now a Buddha.

Reminiscing the spiritual journey of Gautama Buddha, EBRC presents “Enlightenment: A Biography of Siddharta Gautama”. An epic presentation of Buddha’s very own holy life stages in choral music performance, arranged and composed by talented musicians across the globe.

Saturday, Nov 16th, 2019
06.30 PM – on wards
Graha Swara, Universitas Tarumanagara, Campus 1, West Jakarta

Further information and reservations: http://bit.ly/ENLIGHTENMENT2019_


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